The Town of Walden was formed on January 1, 1973 through the creation of the Regional Municipality of Sudbury. The new fire department was an amalgamation of the Lively Fire Department, the Waters Township Fire Department and the Drury, Denison & Graham Township Fire Department.

On January 1, 2001, Walden was amalgamated with other area municipalities to form the City of Greater Sudbury, and the fire department became part of Greater Sudbury Fire Services.

Fire StationsEdit

Station Address In Service Notes
Station 1 25 Black Lake Road, Lively 1973 (amalgamation)-2001 (amalgamation) Built 1969. Former Waters Twp. Fire Station. Now Greater Sudbury Fire Station 6.
Station 2 4895 Municipal Road 55, Whitefish 1973 (amalgamation)-2001 (amalgamation) Built 1967. Former Drury, Denison and Graham Twp. Fire Station. Now Greater Sudbury Fire Station 8.
Station 3 229 9th Avenue, Lively 1973 (amalgamation)-2001 (amalgamation) Built 1950. Former Town of Lively Fire Station. Now Greater Sudbury Fire Station 7.
Station 4 7535 Hwy. 17, Beaver Lake 19??-2001 (amalgamation) Now Greater Sudbury Fire Station 9.


1999 GMC C8500 / Almonte tanker (450/1500/20F)
1995 Freightliner FL80 / Superior pumper (1050/1000)
1992 GMC / Grumman-Olsen step van rescue
1992 GMC / Grumman-Olsen step van rescue
1991 Ford F800 / Superior tanker (420/1200)
1988 Ford C8000 / Superior pumper (1050/500/50' Telesqurt) (SN# SE 882)
1987 Ford F800 / Hub pumper (1050/1000) (SN#1210)
1982 Ford rescue van
1981 Ford L800 / King tanker (PTO/1500)
1979 GMC 7000 / King tanker (-/2000) (Wrecked in accident, 1980)
1976 Ford C / King pumper (1050/500)
1973 GMC C6500 / King pumper (625/500)
1967 Ford C850 / King pumper (625/800) (Sold to Howland Township Fire Department, now Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands Fire Department)
1961 Ford F / Lafrance pumper (625/500)
1953 GMC / Lafrance pumper (500/?)

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