Originally part of what was then the North Shore Improvement District, the area around Spanish separated to form the Township of Shedden. Shedden was renamed Spanish in 2004.

Apparatus RosterEdit

All pump/tank measurements are in Imperial gallons.

Fire Station - 5 Richard St.Edit

Built 1976

Pumper 1 - 1972 GMC / King (840/?) (SN#71022) (ex-Elliot Lake Fire Department)
Pumper 2 - 1987 Ford C8000 / Superior (1050/500) (SN#SE 859) (ex-Clarington Emergency & Fire Services (Ontario))
1975 Ford C / Thibault tanker (-/2000) (SN#T75-113) (Originally a 625/500 pumper. Pump removed, 2000 gallon tank added from a 1971 International Loadstar)
2001 rescue van

Retired ApparatusEdit

1980 Chevrolet heavy rescue

External LinksEdit

Spanish Volunteer Fire Department

Station MapEdit

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