Background Edit

The Service des incendies de Beauport ceased to exist as of January 1st 2002 with the amalgamation of the city of Beauport with the City of Québec.

Fire StationsEdit

Station Address In Service Notes
Fire Station No. 1 255, Rue Clémenceau 1978-2002 (amalgamation) Currently Québec Station 7


1985 GMC K3500 4x4 / Thibault mini-pumper (200/200)
Caserne Beauport

The fire station in 1944

1982 Ford CTL9000 / Thibault pumper (1050/500) (SN#T82-104)
198? Ford Tempo service
1976 Chevrolet C65 / Pierreville tanker (300/1500)
1974 Chevrolet C65 / Thibault pumper (840/500) (SN#T74-208)
1975 Ford C900 / Thibault / CET refurb ladder (-/-/100' rearmount) (Sold to Service de Sécurité Incendie de la Région de Lac-Mégantic)
1974 Ford C8000 / Thibault foam pumper (840/500F) (SN#T74-207)
1973 Bombardier Skidozer rescue
1968 Ford C850 / Thibault (840/500)
1964 Mercury C900 / Thibault quint (840/200/85'midmount) (SN#14652) (ex-Giffard, Sold to Service de Sécurité Incendie Saint-Nicolas)
196? Chevrolet P10 / Union City step van rescue
1958 Fargo 700 / Thibault pumper (626/500) (ex-Montmorency)
1949 International KB-6 / Thibault pumper (500/100)

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