Apparatus RosterEdit

All pump/tank measurements are in Imperial gallons.

Fire Station - 1288 Richards Road, MattawaEdit

Built 1993

Tanker 1 - 1998 International 4900 / Levasseur / 201? Héloc refurb (1050/1500) (SN#LEV61-97) (ex-Service de Sécurité Incendie Saint-Eustache)
Engine 3 - 1981 International Cargostar / King (840/800) (SN810024) (ex-Orillia Fire Department)
Tanker 4 - 1985 Ford L8000 / Gingras-Corriveau (port./2000)
Unit 5 - Chevrolet Suburban

Retired ApparatusEdit

1978 GMC 6500 / King tanker (250/1200) (SN#77015) (ex-Huntsville Fire Department (Ontario))
1978 GMC / Pierreville mini-pumper (ex-Petawawa Township Fire Department)
1975 International CO1910B / King pumper (1050/500) (SN#74022) (ex-Whitby Fire and Emergency Services)
1969 Dodge D700 / LaFrance pumper (625/500) (SN#B69-130) (ex-Orillia Township Fire Department, ex-Chisholm Township Fire Department (Ontario))

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