The Town of Newmarket is now protected by Central York Fire Services, formed in 2002 when the Aurora and Newmarket Fire Departments were merged.

Station Address In Service Notes
Fire Station 1 140 Main Street 19??-19?? Building still stands
Fire Station 1 730 Davis Drive 19??-1992 Demolished. Now the PC Party National Headquarters
Fire Station 1 948 Gorham Avenue 1992-present Now Central York Station 4-1
Fire Station 2 125 McCaffrey Road 199?-present Now Central York Station 4-2


2000 Freightliner FL80 / Fort Garry pumper (1250/600/5F) (SN#M6313)
1997 Freightliner FL80 / E-One pumper (1050/1100) (SN#18530)
1996 Freightliner FL80 / Superior pumper (1250/600/5A/25B/50' boom) (SN#SE 1626)
1989 Ford CF8000 / Phoenix pumper (840/500/55' boom) (SN#88-11-642-217)
1989 Ford F800 / Dependable heavy rescue
1980 Ford C800 / Pierreville pumper (840/600) (SN#PFT-1080) (Sold to Laxton, Digby & Longford Township Fire Department)
1978 Ford C900 / Pierreville pumper (840/500) (SN#PFT-710) (Sold to Somerville Township Fire Department (Ontario))
1976 Ford L750 tanker (-/1600) (Sold to Brock Township Fire Department)
1975 Ford C900 / King tower (1050/-/85' Snorkel) (SN#73038)
1970 Ford C900 / Thibault pumper (1050/500) (SN#T70-187) (Sold to Lake of Bays Township Fire Department)
1958 GMC / Marsh pumper (625/500)

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