The Mount Forest Fire Department covered Mount Forest and surrounding townships in Wellington and Grey counties. In 1999, Mount Forest was merged with other area municipalities to form Wellington North. The MFFD and Arthur & Area Fire Department continued to exist as separate entities after amalgamation, but in 2012, they were also merged to form Wellington North Fire Services.

Fire StationsEdit

Station Address In Service Notes
Fire Station 381 Main St. North 1984-2012 (amalgamation)


2003 HME 1871P2 / Fort Garry pumper (1050/800/25F) (SN#M9403)
1994 Freightliner FL60 / C-Max heavy rescue (SN#T47)
1991 Spartan Diamond / Fort Garry pumper (1050/800) (SN#M4705)
1975 Ford C900 / Thibault pumper (840/500) (SN#T75-191)
1959 Chevrolet Spartan / Thibault pumper (625/500) (SN#392614)
1937 International / Bickle pumper

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