Maxi Métal
Image Maxi Métal
Agency overview
Founded 1972
Closed Unknown
Headquarters Saint-Georges, Qc
Factories Saint-Georges, Qc
Key people Claude Gendron
Danny Dufour
Products Pumper
Revenue 30M$
Employees 75
Usine Maxi Métal

Maxi Métal factory in Saint-Georges.

Maxi Métal Inc. is a Canadian fire apparatus manufacturer located in Saint-Georges, Québec, 1 hour south of Québec City. They have built and delivered over 1000 fire trucks.


Maxi Métal Inc.Edit

Maxi Métal was formed on 4th July 1972 by Claude Gendron and built their first fire truck in 1984. The company initially built utility bodies made of fiberglass. Since 1996, the company has also developed CAFS systems for fire trucks. The Service de Sécurité Incendie de Saint-Georges, which operates several Maxi Métal-built apparatus, was the first fire department in Québec to have foam system on all fire trucks, the first prototype was a snuffer unit built on a 1996 Ford F-350 4x4 with a custom fiberglass body. In 2007, Claude Gendron died and his family puts the company for sale. In 2009, the family of the founder sold the company to three area businessmen, Danny Dufour, Martin Rancourt and Yvon Roy.  In 2016 Danny Dufour completed the purchase of the partners and is now the sole owner of the company. 

In 2010, Maxi Métal won a 5-years 35 pumpers contract with Service de Sécurité Incendie Montréal for over $16 million. This is the biggest contract in the history of the company.

In 2018, Maxi Métal won another 5-years 35 pumpers contract with Service de Sécurité Incendie Montréal for nearly $37 million, surpassing the 2010 contract as the biggest contract in the history of the company.

Les Industries C.P. Morisette Inc.Edit

Little is know about Les Industries C.P. Morissette Inc. The company was based in Otterburn Park, Québec and the owner, Charles Morissette, designed around two dozen trucks (pumpers, tankers and rescues). All trucks were built at the Maxi Métal plant. The company existed probably between 1986 and 1992. After the closure of C.P. Morisette in the early 1990s, Charles Morisette worked for NovaQuintech Corporation.


Maxi FireEdit

Maxi Métal builds pumpers, tankers and rescues, on both custom and commercial chassis. Historically, most of its sales were to fire departments in Québec, with some deliveries in Atlantic provinces, Alberta and Morocco.  Maxi has now delivered trucks across Canada with trucks serving departments in BC, Alberta, Ontario, Nunavut, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces. Service de Sécurité Incendie Montréal and Service de protection contre les incendies de la Ville de Québec and Service de Sécurité Incendie de Lévis are some major fleet customers. They've also rebuilt a number of older rigs.

Maxi Métal has only built a small number of ladders trucks in its history, all with old Thibault ladders reconditioned by CET.

VIO Fire truckEdit

In 2010, Maxi Métal revealed its new concept, the VIO Fire truck. At the time, it was the narrowest pump panel (26 inches) in Canada with the lowest crosslays at just 65 inches high. This is one of the best selling features at Maxi at the time of editing this page. 

Pierce PartnershipEdit

In 2015, after evaluating all the apparatus manufacturers in Canada, Pierce Manufacturing chose Maxi to build a special line of trucks specific for the Canadian market, now called the MaxiSaber and sold exclusively through Pierce dealers. Maxi Métal and Pierce Manufacturing announced the new partnership in late 2015 and the first deliveries took place in early 2016.  From 2016, all Canadian Pierce dealers are selling Pierce MaxiSaber pumpers, pumper/tankers and rescues. In February 2018, Maxi Métal announced that some two types of truck, TME pumpers and PIC tankers, will be available in the United States through Pierce dealers under the branding “Contender by Maxi Métal”.

Maxi UtilityEdit

Maxi Métal also builds utility trucks for telecommunication and electric companies, Hydro-Québec, Bell Canada and Telus are customers of Maxi Utility and they have delivered over 1000 utility trucks in their history.


Current dealersEdit

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Demo trucksEdit

  • 2017 Freightliner M2-112 / Maxi Métal VIO pumper/tanker (1500/2500/25F)
  • 2016 Freightliner M2-106 / Maxi Métal TME pumper (1250/1000/25F)

Used trucks currently own by Maxi MétalEdit

Maxi Métal currently uses a number of loaner trucks :


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