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How to startEdit

  • Click on "Add New Article"
  • In the box, type in the name of the fire department you want to add. For the most part, this is pretty straightforward, as in Fishbite Falls Fire Department.
  • Start typing the article in the box provided, using the wiki syntax. A typical roster would look like this:

==Apparatus Roster==

All pump/tank measurements are in [[Imperial gallons]]. (Imperial for Canadian departments, US gallons for American departments, and litres for the rest of the world.)

===Fire Station No. 1 - 123 King Street===

Built 1985

: Pump 1 - 2004 Spartan Gladiator / Fort Garry (1050/500/50F) (the : indents the line and makes it easier to keep everything apart)

===Fire Station No. 2 - 456 Commercial Road===

: Pump 2 - 1999 Freightliner FL80 / E-One (1050/1000/25F)

[[Category:Fishbite River County]] adds a category that makes it easier to group stuff

  • That's pretty much it. Other things to keep in mind:
    • If the truck has a designation that denotes what it is (e.g. Engine 5, Pumper 15, Tanker 6), then there's no need to add a descriptor (pump, aerial, tanker, etc.). If it doesn't or just has a generic unit designation, there should be something to say what it is. For instance:
      • Engine 58 - 1999 Freightliner FL80 / E-One (1050/1000/25F) (no description needed)
      • Unit 508 - 1999 Freightliner FL80 / E-One pumper (1050/1000/25F) (description added)
    • Please list active apparatus before spare and parade trucks, if known. In addition, please list units in the following order, depending on what info is available:
      • Numerical (e.g. Engine 1, Ladder 2, Rescue 3)
      • If there are no numbers, or if they're all the same, list the trucks as follows: pumpers (including rescue pumpers and mini-pumpers), aerial devices, tankers / brush tenders, rescues / hazmats, other types of active apparatus, parade trucks. Within each category, please list the rigs newest to oldest.

Helpful Hints For Wiki TextEdit

  • Create a heading by typing ==, and === for subheading.
  • Use : (colon key) to indent the line and make things easier to read.
  • Don't forget to add a category to your page, so that related pages can be easily found.