Apparatus RosterEdit

Operated through a cooperative agreement with CAL FIRE.

Battalion 11Edit

Fire Station 72 - 4091 East Millerton Rd., Friant (CAL FIRE) Edit

Fire Station 73 - 25627 Auberry Rd., Clovis (CAL FIRE) Edit

Fire Station 74- 15339 Skylan Ln., Prather (Paid Call Firefigher Station) Edit

Battalion 12 Edit

Blasingame- 23087 East Tollhouse Rd., Clovis (CAL FIRE) Edit

Shaver Lake- 41640 Dinkey Creek Rd., Shaver Lake (CAL FIRE) Edit

Station 75- 23087 East Tollhouse Rd., Clovis (Paid Call Firefighter Station) Edit

Battalion 13 Edit

Squaw Valley- 32515 East Kings Canyon Rd., Squaw Valley (CAL FIRE) Edit

Sand Creek- 41510 Sand Creek Rd., Sand Creek (CAL FIRE) Edit

Piedra- 6185 Elwood Rd., Sanger (CAL FIRE) Edit

Station 77- 6812 Elwood Rd., Sanger (Paid Call Firefighter Station) Edit

Battalion 14 Edit

Station 93- 36421 South Lassen Ave., Huron (FCFPD) Edit

Station 94- 24125 West Dorris Ave., Coalinga (FCFPD) Edit

Coalinga- 25600 West Jayne Ave., Coalinga (CAL FIRE) Edit

Battalion 15 Edit

Station 90- 2701 West Tahoe Ave., Caruthers (FCFPD) Edit

Station 95- 25101 Morton St., Tranquility (FCFPD) Edit

Station 96- 101 McCabe Ave., Mendota (FCFPD) Edit

Battalion 17 Edit

Station 85 - 1392 Nees Ave., Clovis (FCFPD) Edit

Station 86- 4925 North Nelson Ave., Clovis (FCFPD) Edit

Station 87- 4706 East Drummond Ave., Fresno (FCFPD) Edit

Station 89- 5810 South Cherry Ave., Fresno (FCFPD) Edit

Battalion 18 Edit

Station 71- 1300 West Parlier Ave., Parlier (Paid Call Firefighter Station) Edit

Station 82- 9700 East American Ave., Del Rey (FCFPD) Edit

Station 83- 11500 East Mountain View Selma (FCFPD) Edit

Station 84- 210 South Academy Ave., Sanger (FCFPD Headquarters) Edit

External linksEdit

Fresno County Fire Protection District

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