The Borough of East York was a municipality in the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto.


The Township of East York was created in 1923. Previously, it had been part of the Township of York. Three separate volunteer fire brigades (Danforth Park, Todmorden, Woodbine Heights) protected the area prior to incorporation. In 1928, the new township hired eight full-time firefighters. They were supplemented by the volunteers until 1939. The full-time firefighters operated from a converted garage on Holborne Ave. until a new station was built on Woodbine Ave. in 1953. By this time, the department boasted 35 full-time officers and firefighters.

In 1967, East York and the Village of Leaside amalgamated to create an expanded East York. The departments had worked closely together prior to amalgamation, and Leaside chief Ernest Bell became chief of the new department.

On January 1, 1998 East York was amalgamated with with the other municipalities of Metro to form an expanded City of Toronto. The EYFD became part of Toronto Fire Services. At amalgamation, East York had 140 staff.

Fire chiefsEdit

  • ca.1928-1965: Thomas Paveling (ca.1900-1965)
  • 1965-1967: George Rousby
  • 1967-1977: Ernest Bell
  • 1977-1980: Art Cook
  • 1980-1989: George Kerfoot (Sept. 2 1928-Nov. 10 1998)
  • 1989-1998: John Miller

Fire StationsEdit

Station Address In Service Notes
Gowan Avenue  ????-ca. 1945
Holborne Avenue ca.1925-1954
Fire Station 2 256 Cosburn Avenue  ????-1994
Fire Station 1 231 McRae Drive 1967 (amalgamation)-1998 (amalgamation) Former Leaside Fire Station. Now TFS Station No. 321.
Fire Station 3 1313 Woodbine Avenue 1953-1998 (amalgamation) Now TFS Station 224.
Fire Station 2 256 Cosburn Avenue 1994-1998 (amalgamation) Now TFS Station 322.


1997 Freightliner FL106 / Dependable pumper (1050/400)
1996 Freightliner FL106 / Dependable pumper (1050/400/50' snozzle)
1990 White GMC Xpeditor / Superior pumper (1050/500)
1988 Ford F800 / Dependable heavy rescue
1985 International CO1950B / Thibault quint (840/250/75') (Aerial remounted, 1999)
1984 International CO1950B / King pumper (1050/500)
1981 International CO1950B / Pierreville pumper (1050/300)
1981 International CO1950B / Pierreville pumper (1050/500)
1976 GMC / Pierreville pumper (840/500)
1972 Ford C900 / Nordic pumper (840/500)
1968 International VCO190 / LaFrance aerial (-/-/100')
1966 Ford C / King pumper (840/500)
1964 International CO8190 / King pumper (840/?)
1962 Ford / LaFrance pumper
1960 King-Seagrave aerial (-/-/100') (Sold to Sackville Fire Department (Nova Scotia)).
1959 LaFrance 900 Series pumper
1949 LaFrance 7-75-AJO aerial (-/-/75')
1941 International KB / Bickle pumper (ex-Royal Canadian Air Force) (Sold to Ameliasburgh Township Fire Department).


  • Friebe, Marla. A History of the Toronto Fire Services 1874-2002. Toronto: City of Toronto, 2003.

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