The Berkeley Fire Department is located in the northern end of Alameda County. The city covers 17 square miles, and has a population of 102,000.

The first of several fire companies were formed in the area that later became the city in 1877. In 1894 these companies were organized into the Berkeley Fire Department. The fire department took over ambulance services in 1977, and began providing paramedic service in 1986.

Apparatus rosterEdit

Fire Station No. 1 - 2442 Eighth St.Edit

Engine 1
Ambulance 2291
Reserve Ambulance

Fire Station No. 2 - 2029 Berkeley WayEdit

Engine 2
Truck 2
Ambulance 2292
Type 4 engine
Hazardous Materials Unit
Reserve Truck
Reserve Ambulance

Fire Station No. 3 - 2710 Russell St.Edit

Engine 3
Ambulance 2295

Fire Station No. 4 - 1900 Marin Ave.Edit

Engine 4
Reserve Engine
Parade Engine - 1912 Seagrave

Fire Station No. 5 - 2680 Shattuck Ave.Edit

Engine 5
Truck 5
Type 4 engine
Reserve Engine

Fire Station No. 6 - 999 Cedar St.Edit

Engine 6
Reserve Engine

Fire Station No. 7 - 3000 Shasta Ave.Edit

Interagency station with the East Bay Regional Park District Fire Department

Engine 7
EBRPD Engine

Retired apparatusEdit

1912 Seagrave combination chemical / hose wagon

1962 American LaFrance Aerochief 70
1962 Crown pumper (1250gpm)
Truck 2 1965 Seagrave 85ft aerial ladder
1968 Crown Maxim aerial ladder
Engine 2 1973 Seagrave (1250/500)

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