Area servedEdit

Bayham is located in the easternmost portion of Elgin County, south of Tillsonburg. It is home to 7000 people and is 245 square kilometres in size. The municipality is predominantly rural, but contains several communities, including Port Burwell, Straffordville and Vienna.

Department profileEdit

Bayham has a full-time chief and approximately 37 part-time/volunteer firefighters operating from two stations.


In 1998, Bayham was amalgamated with Port Burwell and Vienna to form an expanded Municipality of Bayham. This combined the Bayham Township Fire Department with the Port Burwell Fire Department.

Fire StationsEdit

Station Address In Service Notes
Fire Station First Street, Straffordville 19??-1995 Now part of an expanded municipal building.
Fire Station 1 20 Pitt Street, Port Burwell 1998 (amalgamation)-2012 Built 1962. Former Port Burwell Fire Department station.

Apparatus rosterEdit

All pump/tank measurements are in Imperial gallons.

Fire Station 1 - 55451 Nova Scotia Line, Port BurwellEdit

Built 2012

Pump 1 - 2005 Freightliner M2 / Rosenbauer (1050/900/30F) (SN#1347405)
Tanker 1 - 2000 GMC C8500 / Superior (1050/1700) (SN#SE 2279)
Rescue 1 - 2015 Ford F550 / Eastway walk-around rescue
1998 Ford F Super Duty / Dependable walk-in rescue
Parade - 1932 Chevrolet / Bickle pumper (ex-West Lorne Fire Department)

Fire Station 2 - 55764 Third Street, StraffordvilleEdit

Built 1995

Pumper 2 - 2009 International 7400 / Rosenbauer (1050/2500/50F)
Tanker 2 - 2003 International 4400 / Superior (840/1700) (SN#SE 2967)
Rescue 2 - 2015 Ford F550 / Eastway walk-around rescue

Retired apparatusEdit

1992 Ford E350 / Unicell light rescue
1984 Ford L8000 / King pumper (625/1000) (SN#840001)
1978 Chevrolet cube van rescue
1977 International CO1710B / Pierreville pumper (840/500) (SN#PFT-668) (ex-North York Fire Department (Ontario))
1975 Chevrolet C65 / King tanker (250/2000) (SN#75036)
1973 International CO1910A / Pierreville pumper (840/500) (SN#PFT-284) (ex-North York Fire Department)
1966 Ford C / King pumper (SN#65125) (Sold to Perry Township Fire Department (Ontario))

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