The Aweres Volunteer Fire Department protects a municipally-unorganised area north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. The facilities also includes a Regional Training Centre in the form of a two story burn building.

Aweres Burn Building and Fire Engine

Apparatus rosterEdit

All pump/tank measurements are in Imperial gallons.

Fire Station - 30 Highway 556, HeydenEdit

Built 1985

Engine 40 - 2000 GMC Top Kick / Fort Garry (420/900/20F) (SN#M6466)
Tanker 41 - 2004 GMC T8500 / Holland (420/2500/30F) (SN#1756)
Engine 40 and Tanker 41 in front of the burn building
Unit 42 (Parade) - 1950 Bickle-Seagrave Type 66 pumper (840/600) (SN#F-3810) (ex-Trenton Fire Department (Ontario), ex-North Shore Township Fire Department (Ontario))
Unit 43 Aweres Rescue Truck
Rescue 43 - 201? International 4x4 walk-in rescue

Retired apparatusEdit

1985 Ford F800 / King pumper (625/400/40F)
1979 International Transtar tanker (-/3000) (Sold to Jocelyn Township Fire Department)
1977 Chevrolet cube van rescue

Station mapEdit

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